I’m Theresa and I bake – preferably with sourdough. I share my favorite recipes with you on my blog Krümelig.

Anyone can bake good sourdough bread

You need no prior knowledge, hardly any equipment and little time for my recipes. Of course, sourdough needs its time, but it likes to spend it without you. The dough is usually left to rest overnight so that you can start the day with fresh pastries.

My recipes have as few steps as possible and I always use the same sourdough starter. It may be that certain predoughs, additional work steps or special sourdough starters make the bread a little more aromatic, the crumb a little more open and the crust a little crispier. But good bread can be made without all that.

It all started with a honey jar of rye sourdough starter that I got from my grandparents. Unfortunately, they didn’t have exact measurements or recipes for me. “It goes by feel,” they said. Because I had absolutely no feeling for this sourdough, this was the beginning of many more or less bad breads. Some were too sour, some were rock hard and some were soft and sticky. My poor flatmate bravely ate all the loaves and was thrilled when I took the first “good” loaf out of the oven in our small kitchen.

From then on, I baked the same rye bread for a few years, just by feel and without a recipe. I didn’t have the courage to try real sourdough recipes for a very long time. Too complicated, too many technical terms and too many steps.

My favorite recipes

Easy Sunflower Seeded Bread Rolls with Sourdough

Easy Sunflower Seeded Bread Rolls with Sourdough

After baguettes and fluffy ciabattas, it was high time for some hearty seeded rolls with wholegrain flour. That's why we had these hearty sunflower seeded bread rolls with sourdough on the table on Father's Day. Why you should definitely try these sourdough rolls The...

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Email course: How to create your own sourdough starter

So I continued to bake my rye breads. A few times I killed my sourdough starter and started all over again. Over the last few years, I have created five healthy sourdough starters. If you’re looking for step-by-step instructions, get my email course.

I now live with my partner in Leipzig and have been baking all the bread we eat for years. But my passion only came when I discovered that sourdough can do so much more than whole grain rye bread. Bread rolls, sweet pastries, cakes and cookies – almost everything tastes better with sourdough.

Mini Course: How to Create your own Sourdough Starter

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